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Throckmorton, Texas




We specialize in breeding of high quality Toy/Mini Australian Shepherds. Our dogs are house pets and our best friends.

American Stock Dog Registration on all dogs.

SMALL TOY 8″-10″

MEDIUM TOY 10″-12″

LARGE TOY 12″-14″

SMALL MINI 14″-15″



We started specializing in  Toy/Mini Aussie puppies in 2006 because we love the breed with their gentle nature.  They are small, which makes them the perfect indoor-outdoor pet. Plus, “they’re just so smart.”

We have  continued to improve the breed with old bloodlines such as Windwalker, Gwinco, Benchmark, Davis Kennel , Valallas, Lanier, Myer’s, Lash’s, Pleon’s, McCaslins, Meadow Oaks ,Pearce’s (Red Rusty) ,Davis Ace of Spade.

We Focus on Conformation and Agility.

Breeders are all “Full Panel” tested through Paw Print Genetics All are vaccinated are on schedule.

We welcome any and all calls or questions you might have concerning our Fur babies.   940-862-3401(cell)


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